Lest I forget

In my latest response
to Brad, who is a local SLP, I failed to mention a few pertinent things.

There currently
isn’t a valid version of Xpress It on the website. We are working on
creating an installation package compliant with current Microsoft guidelines. It
should be available by the 15th. The software in that package will be
the full current version. It will run in “demo” mode until a license
is purchased. Demo mode does allow complete evaluation of all Xpress It
features. The copy protection is rather, well, unique, drawing upon the fact
that Xpress It is an AAC/ACS.

Also in about
two weeks, I’ll lose my two Chinese volunteers. They have been most
helpful in ironing out persistent issues in Xpress It. Actually, “losing”
is not quite the right word. Tao has accepted a teaching position at a
university in St. Louis,
starting around that time. His wife, Ming, will join him after completing work
in Houston next
month. I’ll continue to have some access to their high-powered brains
(they have a Ph.D. and a Master’s Degree, respectively, in Computer
Science) via the Internet, but they will be missed here for at least a while.




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