Hello Blaise

Ah, so you do
exist. A number of people have been wanting to arrange a meeting between us,
and I started to wonder if you were a figment of a group hallucination. It was good
to finally hear from you.

I realize
that your time is precious, and perhaps the best advice I can give for
developing a good picture of who I am and what I’m trying to do is to go
read my blog at http://spaces.msn.com/members/adayinthelifeofaperson/.
There is a lot to read, to be sure, but one speech/language pathologist has
commented that he needed to read the entire blog in order to correctly understand
my focus and what I have to offer. The two-penny summary is that I have an AAC
that I had to develop for my own use during my career at Shell Oil, and I’ve
actively been trying to market for three years. Of course, that sort of summary
doesn’t even scratch the surface; to read the blog is really the path to

I also want
to meet with you, and let you experience Xpress It for yourself. The crush of
school starting is going to make you impossible to find so I’d really like
to meet you before then. Any afternoon is fine for me, and I’m happy to
come to your lab.




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