The virtue of patient persistence

I’m forwarding this email chain
because it demonstrates a couple of things any severely disabled person should
keep in mind. Start reading at the bottom of this entry and work your way up.


Yes, persistence is critical, because the
world won’t be handed to you. Justice may be a basic human right, but
everyone must fight for their share of it. Being disabled means you must fight
that much harder. No, that isn’t fair, but life never pretended to be.


A bit of courtesy is also key. Stroking someone
(or company) when they change direction and do something right is as important
as spanking them when they do wrong.


From: Scott Royall
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006
6:22 PM
Cc: ‘’
Subject: Customer #54325221




I wanted to formally thank you for your prompt and courteous assistance
with my problem getting technical service. A copy of this note is being sent to
Mr. Rollins’ office as I’m pretty sure that was the department
which forwarded my correspondence to you.


As has been said, the underlying issue is larger than just this latest
instance. The latter is more of a classic example than an isolated case.
Accordingly, I’m going take the liberty of using you as my focal point
until a more permanent solution is in place. While I don’t anticipate
there will be much subsequent activity, if any, it is good to have at least a
temporary contact in place if needed.


You were quite correct in acknowledging in our telephone conversation
Dell’s awareness of my special circumstances, and its commitment to
accommodate them. Regrettably, Dell’s ever-growing success has made it
victim to the same internal communication issues that plague other large
corporations. I’m hoping that Mr. Rollins’ office will use my case
as impetus to push out further improvements in that area.


The technician can install the display any day after 11:00 a.m. I am
reachable by cell-phone if I’m not at home.


I will leave you with this final item. The following link is to a user
review I wrote on the XPS Gen 2:
Unfortunately, a flaw in CNET’s website has prevented me from adding to
that review, but my initial comments still hold true. The laptop is seventh in
the long line of Dells I’ve had over the years, and it has mowed down all
previous records in performance and reliability. The sole prior entry in its
service log was also due to “smoke in the cockpit.” Given that the
laptop has an existence as tough as those that travel constantly, that’s
fairly incredible. Your offer to replace the entire machine was extremely
generous, but unwarranted. Simply put, I see no reason to penalize Dell for
finally building an almost-flawless laptop.


Scott Royall


—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 1:42 PM
Subject: RE: Out of Office AutoReply: Customer #54325221



I will set up a new lcd screen with a service call for the installation.

If you have any additional problems please let me know.  Thank you

working with me.  Have a nice day.


Thank you

Nancy Dorr

Dell Inc.

Executive Service Team

Executive Offices



Visit our website at




—–Original Message—–

From: Scott Royall []

Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 12:05 PM

To: Dorr, Nancy

Subject: RE: Out of Office AutoReply: Customer #54325221


Fair enough. This stupid Motorola phone won’t let me dial extensions

without making errors. 😦 Please call as soon as you can, because I

basically have to sit here and wait.


—–Original Message—–

From: []

Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 11:55 AM


Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: Customer #54325221



My office hours are Monday -Friday from 8am-5pm. I will attempt to


your issue and get back to you as soon as possible.  I do attend


throughout the day but will try to resolve your issue as soon as


I am away attending a meeting
but will return shortly.


Ok Nancy, I’m somewhat set up to
take your call now. I would like for us to begin by taking a few minutes to get
acquainted so that you can fully appreciate the overall situation. As I say,
the current problem is, in the larger sense, just an instance of an on-going
issue I face when dealing with foreign call centers.


From: []
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006
10:19 AM
Subject: Customer #54325221



Mr. Royal,

I have just left a message for you and
will continue to try to reach you this morning regarding problems with your
screen.  I would like to make a few suggestions and I know that we are
able to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Thank you
Nancy Dorr
Dell Inc.
Executive Service Team
Executive Offices
Visit our website at


Mr. Rollins,


I seriously doubt this is
your correct email address. I also realize you are quite busy, and won’t want
to take the time to read through this correspondence. Yet, anything is worth
trying when you need help from upper Dell management as I do. The recurring
issue outlined below only became a problem in recent years. Before, Dell’s
service was stellar, and led to my becoming a repeat customer.


Scott Royall


—–Original Message—–

From: Scott Royall []

Sent: Wednesday, January 11,
2006 1:59 PM

‘Scott Royall’; ‘US_DIS_Executive_Support’; ‘US_CTS_Desktop_Support’;;;;; ‘’

Cc: ‘’;
‘Lourez Bullock’

Subject: RE: US DIS
Executive Support (KMM25407447I21063L0KM)


Still waiting.


—–Original Message—–

From: Scott Royall []

Sent: Tuesday, January 10,
2006 10:56 PM

‘US_DIS_Executive_Support’; ‘US_CTS_Desktop_Support’;;;;;

Cc: ‘’;
‘Lourez Bullock’

Subject: RE: US DIS
Executive Support (KMM25407447I21063L0KM) RE: #XPS/Inspiron#DHS##29#
eTrack#=Q5E2X7Z1YN19E1BX – Monitor (KMM25337900I21063L0KM)


As promised, here are the
details of my outstanding issue with Dell. PLEASE take the time to read it
thoroughly and try to appreciate all the ramifications before responding. Also,
on the suggestion of a friend, I’m including this link to a photo that should
help you to better visualize the situation we are dealing with:


The laptop pictured is
actually the previous one, which retired in May. However, the setup is
essentially unchanged. The photo should give you some sense of why it has never
been, and will never be, possible for me to do blithely send my current laptop
off for 8-10 days. My life literally stops without it. That’s exactly why I
scrape together the extra funds to buy both CC *and* NBD.


It is also noted below that
the issue regarding CC requiring a return to a Repair Depot has been dealt with
numerous times in my circumstances over the years. In every instance, Dell
management has ultimately ruled in favor of my needs and the "spirit"
of combining NBD and CC instead of mechanically following the contracts
separately. That’s exactly why I continue as a Dell customer.
Unfortunately, this learning is never passed back down to the call centers to
be remembered. As a result, I have to win this same battle over and over. Isn’t
that a huge waste of time for all involved?


I used to have a wonderful
ally within Customer Service named Alecea Standlee. Whenever this issue would
pop up, she would dutifully tromp to and fro across the Dell campus until she
found a courageous manager. She continued to do that even after she transferred
to other departments, because she "got" the seriousness of my
situation. I was very sorry to see her leave Dell late in 2004 to pursue a
Master’s Degree in Business. I wished her the very best, but dealing with Dell
has been an on-going nightmare without her help.


Scott Royall


—–Original Message—–

From: Scott Royall []

Sent: Tuesday, January 10,
2006 12:58 PM

‘Scott Royall’; ‘US_CTS_Desktop_Support’;;;;;

Cc: ‘’;
‘Lourez Bullock’

Subject: RE:
#XPS/Inspiron#DHS##29# eTrack#=Q5E2X7Z1YN19E1BX – Monitor




I am contacting you because
Violeta is on vacation, and she refers matters involving parts to you. In
truth, I don’t actually know that Violeta has been the one to help me in
the past. I simply drop a note to this list of contacts at Dell when I
encounter a problem with getting service, and the problem goes away until next


I realize that you’re quite
capable of reading the following text for yourself, and I won’t insult your
intelligence by rehashing it for you. Yet, even if you did take the NBD and CC
contracts quite literally, you recognize that a technician in a distant repair
depot cannot always tell when damage is accidental because he’s ignorant of the
context that my laptops work in. He cannot know that my laptop is physically
attached to my 220-lb. power wheelchair, and that the laptop runs continually.
Field technicians for Dell have seen my setup at various times, and they
unanimously agree that it falls well within the boundary conditions of CC. They
also agree that sending the laptop in use off to a repair depot would be
impossible. That’s probably why Dell management has always overruled the
call centers before, and ordered them to dispatch techs. I need for you (or
whoever) to do that again


In case you wonder just what
my laptop does for me, start with talking and then add every other task you do
during a normal day. The current laptop literally becomes a part of my person.




—–Original Message—–

From: Scott Royall []

Sent: Monday, January 09,
2006 9:09 PM


Cc: ‘’;
‘Lourez Bullock’

Subject: RE:
#XPS/Inspiron#DHS##29# eTrack#=Q5E2X7Z1YN19E1BX – Monitor




Here we go again.


I just had a very
frustrating call with what sounded like your Calcutta Call
Center. First, they said
that they could barely understand me. Then they claimed that NBD and CC were
mutually exclusive. I am quite aware of the terms of those two contracts. I
also know Dell has always merged the true spirit of those agreements into a
united effort to provide me with the service I require.


You may recall how dependent
I am on my laptops. They’ve been involved in every facet of my daily life for
ten years. Calcutta (or was that Bombay?) couldn’t
grasp that it was totally impossible for this latest laptop to spend 8-10 days
in a repair depot. That would be similar to locking you in a closet for that
amount of time. Their reasoning was, as always, that the repair depot needed to
verify that the screen damage was accidental. Now I ask you, who would damage
intentionally a machine that they are so dependent on? The very nature of the
laptop’s usage assures that any atypical service needed is due to accident
only. In fact, there’s already an entry in the history log for this laptop that
reaffirmed the precedent.


I unfortunately need you (or
somebody) to please intervene again. Clearly, I need a replacement display and
a technician to install it ASAP. Moreover, it would be great to finally get India
on the same page so they no longer waste our time by disputing already well-worn


Thank you for your prompt





—–Original Message—–

From: US_CTS_Desktop_Support

Sent: Monday, January 09,
2006 6:28 PM

Scott Royall

Subject: Re:
#XPS/Inspiron#DHS##29# eTrack#=Q5E2X7Z1YN19E1BX – Monitor



Please do not modify the
subject line of the e-mail when responding.

Valuable information in the
subject line is used to properly route your e-mail response.

Modifying the subject line
may result in a delay in a response.


Dear Mr Royall,


Thank you for contacting
Dell Hardware Warranty Support.


I apologize for any
displeasure this problem may have caused you.


Mr Royall, I see that you
have questions regarding your Dell XPS system. As the owner of a Dell XPS, you
have access to a specialized support team dedicated to the Dell XPS line of


In order to reach the XPS
team, you will need to call 800-624-9896. You will be prompted to enter your
Express Service Code from your XPS system. Using the express service code will
route you directly to an XPS Team technician.


Please be sure to provide
the XPS agent with your case number.


The case number for this
interaction is 121856263. The case has been documented and the contents of this
case are available to all Dell support representatives. If you need additional
assistance with this issue and you utilize our phone or chat support channels,
please provide them with this case number. For additional assistance via
e-mail, simply reply to this e-mail.


Thank you for choosing Dell.




Dell Rep ID 0177745


Dell Hardware Warranty


Dell E-mail Support operates
24/7, and if your reply is received while I am not in, to ensure a speedy
resolution of your problem, your issue would be handled by one of my


* * * * * * * * * * *


Not sure when your system
warranty expires? Interested in looking up your system warranty expiration
dates go to


Don’t let your system’s
warranty lapse and risk costly repairs and downtime.

Call 1-800-999-3355 Press 1
to enter an extension and Dial extension 7244331 To extend or upgrade your
original warranty and service contract terms today!


* * * * * * * * * * *


Visit the Dell Community
Forum where you can find answers to questions and exchange information with
other Dell users:





The information in this
document has been reviewed and is believed to be accurate.  However,
neither Dell nor its affiliates assume any responsibility for inaccuracies,
errors, or omissions that may be contained herein.  In no event will Dell
or its affiliates be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or
consequential damages resulting from any defect or omission in this document,
even if advised of the possibility of such damages.


Dell reserves the right to
make improvements or changes to this document and the products and services
described at any time, without notice or obligation.  This information
applies to the continental United States
and Canada
only, unless specifically stated otherwise.


Original Message Follows:





Service Tag =CJF7H71

System Type =XPS/Inspiron XPS
Gen 2

System Product Family
=XPS/Inspiron XPS Gen 2 System Ship Date =5/6/2005 12:00:00 AM Operating


Name: Scott Royall

Contact Address:


HOUSTON, TX  77082

Phone: 281-923-3594



Current Case ID :

Original Case ID:

Problem: Monitor


Problem Description:




This is an easy one. I just
had a small accident involving a doorknob striking the lower right quadrant of
my Laptop screen. Now that portion of the display does not function, showing
only blotches of color. I can also see the imprint of the original impact on
the screen even when the laptop is turned off. Thankfully, I bought both CC and
NBD with this computer.





Sent To:

Referring URL:

Date Received(K):
1/9/06  02:45:25 PM



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