RE: Hiring the Disabled


The intention of my previous email had little to do with any current job posting. Rather, it was meant to be a reminder to some of the recruiters I’ve encountered that they hold a tremendous amount of influence over other people’s lives. It doesn’t matter how many laws Congress writes, qualified disabled people will never find meaning employment as long as recruiters behave as your manager did. A client can only choose from the list of candidates supplied by his recruiters. Clearly, your manager could benefit from diversity training.

Of course your suggestion has indirect merit. Disabled people seem to only find professional positions when someone owes someone else a favor. How do you think I came to be hired by Shell? Unfortunately, I no longer have the luxury of time necessary to build the trust needed for an executive to override the normal recruitment stream. If I fail to find gainful employment relatively soon, I will be consigned to a Medicare-funded nursing home to live out my remaining time.

Oh, please show this email to your manager. She cannot hold you responsible for my comments.


From: Erica Anderson []
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2006 2:22 PM



I got your email and there is nothing I  can do on this end I  presented your resume to my staffing manager and she did not choose to  proceed.  I wanted to  recommend you check out Between Jobs Ministries they a networking group with over 4,000 members.  You can find their links at  Good Luck I hope this helps.



Erica Anderson

The Carlson Company, LLC

Staffing Specialist Since 1994

1505 Hwy 6 South #200

Houston,  TX  77077



 Fax-    (832)-775-0059



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