RE: Hiring the Disabled

You are basically right. Yet, I’m not done quite yet. A recruiter once told me I only had a 10% chance of getting a job, but my entire life has been a string of beaten odds. One after another. The only way to defeat prejudice is by shining the bright light of publicity on it. That makes people step back and review their approach. In that sense, this is no different from any other minority hiring situation. The more that bright light shines, the more uncomfortable prejudice is.

Then too, I’m still trying to market Xpress-It. I’m planning a few changes this year which might spark sales at a much lower net income.

You didn’t see my December blog entry where I listed the things I am still thankful for. On top of the list was a good, sweet dog that hates to let me out of her sight.  As I write this, we are half-way through a very long day for her of outings to do various things. Lilly is in the doorway of my bathroom napping. But, those eyes will pop open as soon as I touch the joystick of my wheelchair. That’s something at least.


From: malinda julien []
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 10:28 AM
To: ‘Scott Royall’
Subject: RE: Hiring the Disabled


Scott, sounds like a no win situation.  People don’t change, they don’t want to. It is easier to walk away than it is to defend your right to be there.  I know for you it must seem impossible to be “trapped” so to speak in this disability BS, when you are well suited for the job.  If their clients feel uncomfortable with you, then they should be a little more educational when they come in.

No matter what, business is business and even though you are talented in this area and capable of doing the job, they are going to discriminate.  But, like you say “prove it”. Can’t prove “intent”.

I wish I could give you the adage of “something will come up”, but that may not be true, and certainly isn’t helpful. I can’t imagine how this could change.  Is it imperative that you remain in Houston? I would imagine so since your care system is there.  If you have to go to a living assisted residence, what will become of you?



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