FW: New voices added to TextSpeech Pro

I received this message yesterday. TextSpeech Pro is one of a suite of
"voice-enabled" products by these people. The products aren’t anything close
to what we would call AAC programs, no word prediction and so forth. What is
noteworthy are the voices. I tried the NeoVoice "Paul" and yes, it was quite
impressive. Of course I am smart enough to realize the demo I heard was
highly optimized. Eloquence can play that game well too. Still, what I heard
was good enough to tell me at least someone is interested in advancing
artificial speech.

What is distressing is that Digital FutureSoft is really aimed at the
business world. Of all the players I know of in the AAC field, only E Z Keys
by Words+ offers Eloquence and AT&T NaturalVoice. E Z Keys is $700 without a
synthesizer, $1400 with. That tells me several things, including that Words+
believes that synthesizers double the value of their product. In fairness, E
Z Keys is pitched as much more than an augmented or assistive communication.
It’s supposed to grant disabled people a variety of methods of accessing
their computers. True, the methods supposedly offered by E Z Keys are
actually hidden Windows features, but that’s another matter. The point here
is that even Words+ considers vocal capability an option, albeit one worth
doubling their standard fare.

Still, NeoVoice is interesting enough for me to look into. One of Xpress
It’s main advantages has always been its use of the best voice synthesis.
Even as my hopes for commercial success wane, I have to maintain Xpress It’s
edge a bit longer.

—–Original Message—–
From: info@digitalfuturesoft.com [mailto:info@digitalfuturesoft.com]
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2006 9:12 PM
To: royall@hal-pc.org
Subject: New voices added to TextSpeech Pro

Dear TextSpeech Pro customer

For all of you who did not know:

This is an announcement about the long-awaited additional AT&T Natural
Voices (TM) and the new NeoSpeech voices.

We added the following voices to TextSpeech Pro, which are available right

1. NeoSpeech VoiceText (TM) Paul 16K (US English).
2. NeoSpeech VoiceText (TM) Kate 16K (US English).
3. AT&T Natural Voices (TM) 16K Rich (US English).
4. AT&T Natural Voices (TM) 16K Lauren (US English).
5. AT&T Natural Voices (TM) 16K Audrey (UK English).
6. AT&T Natural Voices (TM) 16K Julia (US English).
7. AT&T Natural Voices (TM) 16K Claire (US English).
8. AT&T Natural Voices (TM) 16K Rosa (Spanish).

The voices are already suited for TextSpeech Pro, so all you need to do is
just install the voices and they will automatically work with TextSpeech

The NeoSpeech voices are the latest addition. They are a breakthrough in the
speech synthesis technology.

Digital Future has a new web site and all old customers have been created
accounts to download software.

Yes, no more tedious download links, you are now able to download software
from our new secure web site.

Follow the instructions to obtain your favorite new NeoSpeech and AT&T
Natural Voices (TM):

1. Go to:


2. You have an account but most of you were not sent their passwords, so you
must hit "Forgot Password".

3. Enter your email (the one you received this message to) for the "Forgot
Password" service.

4. You will instantly get your password in your email.

5. Go back to:


and log in with your email and obtained password (once you log in you can
easily change it).

6. Hit "Product Add-ins" and review/listen to demos. Then you can easily
obtain your favorite voices and download them straight from your account.

**The voices can be directly downloaded and installed from your account. No
more waiting for the mail package to arrive and no more waiting for download

**The web page has voice demos so you can pick the ones you like.

If you need more than one voice, just go back to one of the links above and
hit the corresponding "Download" button. Repeat if necessary.

Please, email us at support@digitalfuturesoft.com with comments and

Thank you for all your help and support.

TextSpeech Pro Team
Digital Future

P. S. Our company web site is now http://www.digitalfuturesoft.com/ and no
longer http://www.marsiansoft.com.

This was an announcement by Digital Future; address P.O. Box 53242, Atlanta,
GA 30355.

If you feel you received this message in error and wish to never receive
messages from us again, email support@digitalfuturesoft.com.

The email was sent to you as a customer of Digital Future – we have a strict
no-spam policy.


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