AT&T Natural Voice

Here’s another little puzzlement: AT&T sells many flavors of its Natural
Voice in Software Development Kits. Each kit is $295. That’s right, neither
programmer nor end user is able to customize the voice itself. They must
select from whatever voices AT&T offers. No doubt that’s one reason why
their voices sound so good. Yet, that lack of customization also means the
voices can’t be personalized. That probably seems a small price to pay to
most people. most people, however, aren’t disabled.

I’ve noticed that even healthcare professionals have a great deal of
difficulty grasping the concept that any device a disabled person uses to
interact with the world around him eventually becomes a logical part of his
own body. Those devices become very personal so it’s important that they be
customizable. Who wants to sound just like everyone else that uses similar

On a related note, Words+ reports to be Dr. Stephen Hawkins’ vendor. Well
doctor, I submit respectfully that there are other solutions that could
improve your intelligibility. Just for comparison, Xpress It’s Eloquence
allows its end users to be anyone from a tiny child to a dirty old man (or


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