RE: FW: AT&T Natural Voice



From: DSloan []
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2006 8:11 AM
To: Scott Royall
Subject: Re: FW: AT&T Natural Voice

Scott ..
  Roadblock, roadblock, roadblock .. I wish I had the machine to dig the
tunnel to go under the damn things.  djs

Scott Royall <> wrote:

The problem there is that Hawkins can only control one finger. That means he
requires a solution involving scanning keys until the desired one comes up.
Hawkins then trips a switch to tell the computer that’s the key he wants.
Ironically, XP comes with a primitive version of such virtual keyboard
software. More functional versions are also available. Like most WinApps,
Xpress It is totally apathetic about the real source of its input so it
should work well with scanning solutions.

Frankly though, even if I knew how to contact Dr. Hawkins, it’s highly
doubtful that he would even agree to try a different answer. The TRC
regional director for adaptive equipment warned Ming and I back when we
first started our marketing efforts that very few disabled people venture
beyond the first AAC they’re exposed to. That explains why Hawkins sounds as
if he’s still using a DECTalk, which is 1980 technology. That is also why
I’d really like to see school children with Xpress It.


From: DSloan []
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2006 5:08 PM
To: Scott Royall
Subject: Re: AT&T Natural Voice

Scott ..
  One wonders if Hawking would try / endorse your product … djs

Scott Royall wrote:
Here’s another little puzzlement: AT&T sells many flavors of its Natural
Voice in Software Development Kits. Each kit is $295. That’s right, neither

DJSloan .. Houston, Texas

DJSloan .. Houston, Texas


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