By the way, Jonathan, I think you convinced me to get EVO. On-demand full-time Internet didn’t seem really compelling until you and these guys pointed out the enabling effect of it. People like us are constantly thinking of things we need to get done on the Internet, but usually when we are out of range of our wi-fi sites. There is a rule of thumb that says, if you can do something in under two minutes, do it now. That avoids the overhead involved in trying to remember to do stuff later. There are also times when Internet-Right-Now would be quite handy in a business sense. I do get questioned about stuff, including Xpress It, and being able to pull up the answers now would be advantageous! I’m a Verizon customer, and probably will be until I’m dead so I qualify. A flat rate of $40/mo. is tough to beat with a ugly stick! J






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