I suppose I should remind people who depend on the mailing list to receive my blog that the blog is at I mention this because of upcoming changes which will make it inconvenient for me to continue emailing my blog entries to each of you individually. Since one function of any blog is to foster interaction between its readers, I find this mailing list to be a mild retardant to that function.


Also, I do want my regulars to start visiting blog pages partly because I plan to change blog hosts soon. The new blog,, is already up but in skeletal form. You can see one advantage of the new blog in its URL, clean and simple to remember. That’s a plus. WordPress has a number of tools helpful to bloggers. Yet, the most useful aspect of WordPress is its reputation. MSN, Yahoo, etc all try to appeal to everybody, with the net result being that they don’t have much general credibility. WordPress does nothing other than host blogs, including IT notables like Robert Scoble and Dave Winer. If you want credibility, gotta swim with the big boys.


Of course I know most of my regulars still wouldn’t know a RSS reader if it bit their legs off. My current favorite is SharpReader, a nice and simple entry with a very Outlook-ish MDI look. However, blogs are nothing more than a type of web page. That means that you can always bookmark them in your web browser of choice. You could even use mine as your start page, but I don’t advise that. Another advantage of reading blogs on their websites is that you get to choose what to read. J






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