Another paper Chase

The enclosed letter is pretty self-explanatory. While I expect that Chase will ultimately do what’s right and in their own best interest, it’s sad how everybody kicks you when you’re down.

15906 Manfield

Houston, TX 77082


March 25, 2006



In regards to: Account … 4783


Cardmember Services

P.O. Box 15298

Wilmington, DE 19850-5298



Dear Cardmember Services:



On February 25th of this year, I contacted your Financial Operations department and opted out of the new 29.99% interest rate by closing this account. They agreed to reset my interest rate to 19% and said my monthly payments would be $373. However, I just received an email from your system indicating that I owe $639 a month. I called Financial Operations again, and spoke to a supervisor who identified herself as “Kendra.”

Kendra did remove the excess finance charges that had accumulated this year. She also acknowledged the prior agreement Chase had made with me, but claimed it was in error because the APR could not be changed. Considering that my prior contact involved several people in multiple departments, I have to really doubt Kendra’s knowledge.

I should also make you aware that I am classified as severely disabled. I can neither speak nor write. I did manage to hold an Applications Developer position with Shell Oil for 14 years, but lay-offs have reduced my income to $1,500 per month in disability benefits. You don’t need a degree in accounting to see that an APR of 29.99% is completely impossible on my income. The situation is that, unless Chase returns to our prior agreement, it will be pointless for me to make any payments because the APR will consume them. Any threats involving collection agencies and damaging my here-to-fore excellent credit rating would be fruitless, as I’m already on a subsistence income. I don’t see any hope of making any major purchases unless my fortunes reverse again. I am someone who does want to work with you, but reality demands it be on my terms, sorry.

Lastly, I should tell you that a copy of this letter will be published in my blog. The same applies to any written response you wish to provide. In this way, the world will be able to see for itself how Chase Bank treats a long-term customer who has hit dire straits.


Scott Royall




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