I forgot to add that I’d love an opportunity to talk with you, and allow you to experience Xpress It for yourself. It should go without saying (but apparently doesn’t) that there is no single correct AAC solution for everyone; different users have different needs. Xpress-It, as I’ve indicated, is targeted for disabled people with good mental functionality who want to participate in Life on a conversational level.






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I was in Rehab Specialties today and picked up one of your cards. I haven’t heard of you so I assume you haven’t heard of Xpress It either. Xpress It is an AAC product I created after existing products failed to meet requirements of my former bosses at Shell Oil. In other words, Xpress It was born out in the real world to meet real-world needs. The amusing part is that SLPs who have seen it have complained that it doesn’t go out of its way to predict entire sentences. Well, if you go through your day repeating sentences, you might have people snickering at you behind your back. Xpress It does allow you to assign shortcuts to entire speeches if you wish. It simply focuses its own time on learning which words its current user is more likely to use next. I’ve found that feature much more useful.


You can learn much more about Xpress It here.





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