RE: i have parkensin’s syndrome



Xpress-It is software only. It runs on any Windows machine, including tablet PCs presumably and possibly the newer Origami-class portables. The advantage of being only software is that Xpress-It lets you decide which Windows machine is right for you.


I will offer one piece of advice. It takes about 40 watts of audio power to equal the volume range of the human voice. That means you need to think really carefully about the environment you need to talk in. Hand-helds and most laptops are ok in small, quiet rooms. If you ever do anything like presentations, then you’ll need to have a laptop with something behind it. In that case, we can discuss options. You see, the beauty of Xpress-It is exactly that it isn’t a device you’re tied to. It makes any Windows computer equipped with a sound card speak.






From: []
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 7:22 PM
Subject: i have parkensin’s syndrome



 i was  wondering if your  device is a hand held model. And if so how to i get one?

thank you for your time and efforts  in answering my question


Jared M. LaPorte



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