Mobile Tech

Funny how things go.

As I sat in my vet’s clinic today, waiting while she put my service dog through a battery of x-rays in search of the source of her lameness, I switched Media Player to my laptop’s internal speakers and listened to some podcasts I had stored up. Lo and behold, I hear Mobile Tech Round-up doing a piece on me and Xpress-It. That was obviously freaky since I wasn’t expecting it. True, I did use Skype to harangue them last week. The MoTR boys were lamenting the apparent lack of progress in the text-to-speech field. My voicemail was along the lines of, “oh yeah, well dig this!” That clearly caught their attention, and the resulting show segment was excellent. I have to thank the guys for really doing a good job with their research, because that enabled them to capture the most important aspects of Xpress-It. Listen for yourself.


One thought on “Mobile Tech

  1. Scott, we were thrilled that you got our attention and I hope we did justice to the challenges you face and even more justice to the solutions you’re providing. We wish you nothing but the best and I sincerely hope that Robert can help you on the MSDN issue. Keep on fighting the good fight and inspiring those around you!

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