Moms and MSDN


What can I say? You already know how temporary life is. You also have the good sense to recognize how fortunate we are. I mourn your loss as you come to terms with life and its consequences. None of us is perfect, of course, but I think you can take comfort in the evidence you found in MT of the pride your mother took in you. Although your paths diverged, she clearly didn’t regret yours.

Living on Disability when I’m actually capable of earning a good salary as a developer is no fun. I won’t lie and pretend it is. It is financially and emotionally draining. Yet, I too am better off than most of humanity. I know that, just as I know that most severely disabled people will never even get a chance to do anything with their lives. That hasn’t changed in my 50 years, and maybe it never really will. Yet, the field we work in, computer technology, does at least offer the hope of change. It is something of an equalizer in that computers don’t react emotionally or pass judgments on what people are capable of contributing to society. If you are able to give a computer the input required to achieve the output desired, you are as capable as anyone else. Xpress-It is proof of that. I honestly believe that app has the capability of helping many, many people become less invisible to the world, because it addresses a need that the established medical software houses don’t even seem to see.

However, Xpress-It’s future is tied to offering it on more portable platforms. Achieving that goal, given that Xpress-It is C++, means keeping my MSDN subscription up so I can get more modern tools. I simply can’t afford the $2,300 price tag for the year, though. This is why I asked for your help; my subscription expires this month. As you take the next week away to close out your mother’s affairs, please try to not let my request fall in a crack somewhere.




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