Laptop Blues Redux

Ok, here’s what I currently know.

What we are currently experiencing are legitimate heat shutdowns. Gen2s do a few specific things before all controlled shutdowns, like parking the hard-drive heads. This activity is very quick but still discernible. That’s how I know the present behavior is a controlled power-down. That leads me to the conclusion that what we had before was a GPU going bad at a temperature below the shutdown temperature.

Of course, that still leaves the critical question of why this Gen2 is suddenly having heating problems. As you can read In this review, I had originally expected overheating, and was pleasantly surprised by its absence. I do have a suspicion about what has changed, but I can’t investigate it without dismounting the laptop from the table it lives on… Well hell, hang on.

Crap. No joy. Ok, I need to back up a little and explain for you. This laptop is mounted on a brushed aluminum tabletop via three wide Velcro strips (wonderful stuff that; it even holds this monster). Since I knew a laptop of this caliber would run hot, I was very careful to have my caregiver/handyman attach the Velcro strips to the bottom of the laptop in places that do not block the fan vents. I just re-checked, and the Velcro tape is still basically in the same places despite dim-wit Tom. The left bottom vent is still hanging off the table, and the right bottom vent is still about ¼” above the table’s surface. All other vents are clear so this sudden tendency to overheat—if that’s what’s happening—has me stumped.

One other piece of evidence pointing to maybe a CPU overheat event is that the laptop has behaved well since I turned off Speed-Step. As you know, doing that locks the CPU down in low speed. That’s no long-term solution, but it supports the overheating scenario.

One last thing, I think I precipitated a little misunderstanding when I used the term “drop-ship” regarding a new keyboard, because I noticed $17.27 was charged to my Preferred Account. That’s no big deal, and I recognize that I probably caused the mistake. What I had actually intended, just to clarify, was that you simply ship a replacement to me under the NBD contract. I was trying to say we wouldn’t need Qualxserv’s fine assistance on this. Oops, sorry



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