RE: C++ Developer needed in Houston

Well, now I know why Sami was answering me from Malaysian.

Kelly, what do you think of my friend’s suggestion?
From: DSloan []
Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 5:48 PM
To: Scott Royall
Subject: Re: C++ Developer needed in Houston

Scott ..
I can attempt to give you some lit. to summarize the last four years as ..
Exited Shell when they shifted their IT operations to Malyasia .. Improved
(re-wrote / adapted / up-graded / finalized / packaged) Express-It, a
[describe] for Windows 9x / 2k / XP .. Currently marketing Express-It while
seeking [whatever it is you are seeking].
Resolving a thermal / performance issue with a Dell [model] laptop using
[[custom / available] diagnostic / temperature sensing] software [further
description that demonstrates your mastery of same].
Note that reading your tech summary of what you’ve done to understand what
the Dell has done is impressive as all get-out and should be to anyone
needing similar skills. Did you call your recruiter’s attention to same?
DJSloan .. Houston, Texas

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Subject: RE: C++ Developer needed in Houston

I just plain like you. Maybe you’re right about being too young to be jaded


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