RE: Comments to Dell’s one2one blog

Mr. Menchaca,

At least you had the courtesy to respond. That’s worth something, as you are
about to see. No, what you saw in my blog was my last message from Ms. Dorr.
She confirmed that I wouldn’t be charged for the unused parts, but that’s
it. I’ve heard nothing else from her, and the return receipts say that she’s
deleting my messages unread. Not good, do you agree?

The puzzling part is why the silence? Nancy and Lester know my situation
became untenable when the screen finally gave out. What I don’t know is why
they stopped communicating. With me, what you see is really what you get. I
say what I think. Yet, I think you would agree that I have been patient.

I do understand why you don’t want to deal with specific customer issues in
your blog. That commenter was correct in predicting that support issues
could drown out any message you try to put out. Yet, I hope you do realize
that Dell cannot continue to grow without restoring what used to be a
sterling service experience and has become a nightmare.

Obviously, my own blog serves a different goal. It recounts the daily
challenges I face as a disabled person. Of course that must include my
pr5oblems with Dell, because Dell is also an integral part of the solutions
in my life. As I see it, Dell benefits from working with me exactly because
of my blog, if readers see a positive service experience there, Dell is
going to gain business even if it loses money on me slightly.

Scott Royall

From: Lionel_Menchaca
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 11:00 PM
Subject: Comments to Dell’s one2one blog

Mr. Royall:
I received your comments this week at the Dell blog.  Today, I issued a post
that explained why some comments were not posted.  Basically, we’re not
posting specifc product support related posts there.
Instead of posting, we refer specific issues to our support teams.  I saw in
your blog that you’ve worked with Nanct and Lester for quite some time.  My
question for you is are you currently working with Nancy?  I just want to be
sure that you are getting the help you need
Lionel Menchaca
Digital Media Manager


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