RE: Speech Path in the Chron


Actually, Lisa Dunwoody is one of several semi-local SLPs I’ve contacted
without response. The Chronicle article does note that she has about all the
business she and her staff can handle so the non-response isn’t a surprise.
Telling a busy SLP that you have a great AAC product that runs on any
Windows computer doesn’t really excite them. To start with, most of them
only understand enough about computers to do their jobs. Also, the existing
AAC vendors have had nearly twenty years to indoctrinate SLPs to their
approaches to AAC. Those approaches haven’t been challenged because so few
disabled people reach the working world. You and I know that I had to build
Xpress-It because the rest bombed so badly in the corporate environment of
Shell Oil, but few of the SLPs I’ve talked to seem to grasp the implications
of that. Brad Smith was quite right in that Xpress-It wasn’t right for
everyone. It was built for those of us with speech impairments who demand
the ability to converse with anyone we want or need to without totally tying
up a computer.

There. Hopefully, that paragraph is saucy enough to pique Lisa’s
professional curiosity. 🙂 Likewise, she hopefully noticed Xpress-It’s
"real-world pedigree" and will contact me.

From: D. J. Sloan []
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2006 2:23 PM
To: Scott Royall
Subject: Speech Path in the Chron

Scott ..

  Did you catch this in the newspaper:



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