Dells as AAC Ambassadors


I decided to let you read my comments about Mr. Ellenson and what he’s doing
because that seemed to be a pleasant reminder of why we’re going to all this
trouble of figuring out what to replace my ailing Gen2 with. One of the
realities Mr. Ellenson will soon face with his son is the fact that people
in wheelchairs only have a finite amount of space in front of them that they
can access easily. I call this the "real state issue." It helps if the
communication device is easy to remove as is the case with my folding table.
Still, the user eventually comes to rue the hassle and wish the device could
do as many other things as possible.

Thus, my laptops effectively become Dell ambassadors in the world of AAC
(that’s the technical acronym for the realm of communication devices). I am
once more a reluctant pioneer, showing other disabled people that it really
is possible to have a communication system that expresses their thoughts
very clearly even while they are using the same hardware for scores of other
tasks. I firmly believe that, if Thomas Ellenson is ever allowed to discover
Xpress-It, he’ll demand a fast laptop so he can really talk, run educational
software, and play the latest games. After all, Richard says Thomas has the
mind of a normal kid.

So you can see I have another reason to downsize if possible. A 17-inch
laptop simply turned out to be too awkward.

Scott Royall


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