Will it ever end?


As my voicemail indicated, I’m in a world of hurt. Not only does my Gen2
hard-drive not fit in the M1710 (damn SATA connectors), but the 1710 somehow
managed to EAT the backup copy of my file set when I connected that. I’ve
used Microsoft Backup and I’ve never seen it do quite this before! I’ve
tried every recovery utility I can think of, and their consensus seems to be
that the backup device, a Maxtor OneTouch, has no data to recover.
Obviously, the situation is potentially devastating to me, as I may lose
several thousand dollars worth of software. In many cases, I still have the
installation images, but my file with my product keys is MIA from both
places that had copies.

My only hope–and it’s a forlorn one–is if my departed Gen2 can somehow be
intercepted and returned to me as-is long enough for me to slap the
hard-drive in and recreate the damn backup set. I realize that even making
that suggestion is likely to put Dell’s "system" into a grand mal seizure,
but, damnit, I sensed that something really bad could happen. I know you’re
doing the best you can. This is the sort of thing that can happen when
policies collide with customer needs.



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