Account Closure


As I just told your phone agent, I am physically disabled and use a computer
to talk with. That does not mean I am mentally incompetent, as he quickly
discovered. I cannot write so your online service agreement requiring
account closure requests be in writing is irrelevant. Physics trumps
contract law every time.

I have a Cardservice account with you that I have never used. The merchant
number is 267755446882. The account is apparently under my first name,
Donald (Yuck, or should I say, "quack") even though the account is named
Scott Royall Enterprises. My address is: 15906 Manfield, Houston, TX 77082.
That account needs to die. Now. If you need a reason, take your pick. The
account never made a dime for me, the Miva software apparently disappeared
during a website move a year ago, and I’m moving to Paypal. I don’t care
which reason you use. Just kill the account without further hassle to me.
This email is appearing on my blog so First Data is already getting a public
black eye. I don’t think it would be prudent to make matters any worse.

Scott Royall


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