Long Day

Thank you for your response. Your personal email address is noted. However, it seems to me that I need to clarify one point so that you can relay it to your superiors.
There is nothing in Xpress-It that would require a user to make an exclusive choice between Xpress-It and other AAC products such as Dynavox. In fact, that is one of Xpress-It’s main features. In technical terms, it is “input agnostic,” which is a fancy way of saying Xpress-It neither knows nor cares how it is getting user input. The input device may be a keyboard, various forms of virtual keyboards like a switching device, or even—gasp—a Dynavox tablet. Maybe now you begin to understand the true power of Xpress-It, it can easily upgrade something like a Dynavox with its vocabulary tools and speech engine.
From: Nel, Lena
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2006 7:18 AM
To: Scott Royall
Subject: RE: Well, it was a long day
Thank you for including me on this.  Your system is well designed and works great for you.  You should keep in mind that there are those that have the intelligence but still could not use your system due to their physical limitations.  Remember, there is something out there for everyone and it is getting better all the time.
I do hope DynaVox is interested in speaking with you, as they are always interested in what the consumer, in your case developer, has to say. 
Any future blog/mass emails should go to my personal email account lenasue@hotmail.com.
Thank you,
Marlena Nel
Sales Consultant: East Texas
1-800-344-1778 ext. 7779
Fax: 832-442-5904

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