My website is down temporarily. I really didn’t have the bandwidth to host it myself. I moved it back to NetSol a few weeks ago, but the package got porked somehow. I finally called them today and had them cancel the package. I’ll have to start over when the refund is processed into my checking account. Yes, I know there are other hosting services, but NetSol has my domain registration. Besides, their phone reps do seem to understand English.


I have a new phone number, 281-968-0747, good everywhere as long as my laptop is open. J Yup, it’s a VoIP number. Skype, in fact. But, who can argue with $14 for a year of unlimited calls? Getting a SkypeIn number was a bit more, to receive calls. The nice part about all of this is that my laptop can be a telephone wherever I have Internet connectivity. The importance of that is I can finally accurately send DTMF tones (Touch-Tones for the un-initiated). That’s a seemingly tiny little thing that’s critical in our modern life. You cannot navigate automated call centers without DTMF.


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