Some free time

Having some free time can be a dangerous thing. J


My website is back up—sorta. As previously stated, I had NetSol  cancel the web package I recently purchased because of recurring technical issues. The intent was to start over once the refund hit my checking account, which NetSol said might be seven days. That left me with a week where I basically had nothing to lose by tinkering. Since I already had the option for DNS-forwarding in place, I decided to switch it back on and take one more whack at setting up the website on Nemesis, one of my local brood of Windows XP boxes. It was a knock-down-drag-out affair that consumed much of the weekend, but I seem to have prevailed.


I’m using WAMP5, by the way, which is a canned installation of all the basic things that my website needs, Apache 2, PHP 5, and MySQL 5.2. Personally, I still find Apache to be extremely dense, probably because of its Unix heritage. PHP and MySQL aren’t bad, especially since I sometimes did DBA tasks during my Shell career. However, Apache is about as human-friendly as Forth was. Both promise extreme power, if you can hang with the nigh vertical learning curve! J


Yet, I did get far enough up that mountain to get my website up. The counters don’t work, simply because I haven’t researched the necessary replacements. I still face the same bandwidth limitations I mentioned last week. Then again, my website has never been a traffic magnet. L Maybe I’ll defer migrating back to NetSol until there’s a need. The main problem I’m grappling with is backing up Nemesis. That’s over 230 GB, and DL.TV is quite right to call backing up high-capacity hard-drives a nightmare. The best solution is Network Accessible Storage, essentially a headless (that means no keyboard or monitor) PC on the network with honking huge hard-drives. The industry makes a slew of them, all out of my budget until maybe Dell comes up with something. On the other hand, I don’t need another box when I have a low-end 1.2 Gigahertz PC gathering dust. All it needs is the honking huge hard-drive, and prices there keep falling. Of course, then I’ll need to change out my wireless equipment in order to move all that data in a reasonable amount of time.


Sigh. It never ends, people. :/


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