The On-coming Train

Yes, it has been too long since my last entry. There’s really no excuse for that. If you’re going to blog, then blog. Don’t start things and not follow them through.

Of course that is not to say there was no reason for my silence. On the contrary, there were a couple. First, I am trying out Vista, Microsoft’s latest incarnation of Windows. Curiosity certainly plays a real part in my testing. I’m a self-confessed geek so new stuff appeals to me naturally. Yet, my interest has to go much further than that because of Xpress-It, the Assistive and Augmented Communication program I wrote. I had to find out what issues it would have with Vista. You can expect to see more on Vista and Xpress-It over the next few weeks.

The other reason for my relative silence has to do with the basic realities of blogging. People blog because they have something they think they should share. Well, you can only do that if people are willing to read your blog. Otherwise, you’re literally talking to yourself. That means, like it or not, what you say has to be interesting enough to read. The nature of my life lately makes it very easy to get negative and bitter. Things are difficult, and could get a lot more so after the first of the year unless the situation does a sharp U-turn. But, if I allow that to totally dominate my blog, I might as well quit writing because I won’t have any readers at all! I’ve said before that this silly blog could end up being my longest-lasting legacy simply due to the fact that things on the Internet tend to hang around forever. If I want people to actually read it, then I need to keep it worth reading. That’s not always easy to do.


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