Deeply Distressing

Make no bones about it, I fall on the Republican side of the aisle. I have no patience with Democrats who promise the voters anything and everything just to gain power. Their initiatives have gone a long way toward bleeding the national economy dry.


Not that Republicans are a bunch of gods and saints, ha! But, at least their form of cynicism tends to favor business, replacing some of the economic life so willingly bled off by Democrats. However, both parties have gone stump stupid over the Iraq War. Never mind the dumb reasons given for going there, there were much clearer reasons that the “handlers” didn’t trust the voters to understand. The simple fact now is that we’re there, and we need to finish what we started. Why was the aftermath of WWII so much better for the losers than WWI? Exactly. We stuck around and essentially rebuilt their economies. I have to give the Democrats of that era credit for recognizing that a man who is able to go outside and earn a decent living for his family is far less likely to be hiding in shadows plotting violence. Unfortunately, the average Iraqi is still unable to work four years after Saddam’s regime fell. Guess what that’s breeding.


I rarely encourage my blog readers to download and listen to audio files, but these deserve to be heard. They are the first and second halves of a BBC documentary called Eyewitness Iraq. Though the title sounds like some of our god-awful news shows, the correspondent and his interviewees do a succinct job of describing the Iraqi nightmare four years on. The program is about 45 minutes long, and I’ve deemed it important enough to offer from my beleaguered little server machine. If I had my way, this documentary would be required listening for every US citizen, with those demanding a time-table for troop withdrawals required to memorize every word!


It amazes me how this Bush administration has continually tried to “dumb down” the entire War on Terror concept over  the years. Right after 9/11, Bush acknowledged that it could last decades. Who in hell has been telling him to back away from that unhappy likelihood ever since then? Do they think the American public is too stupid to understand the cold truth? We are selfish, true. If we aren’t reminded often, most of us go back to thinking everything is quick and easy. Of course it isn’t.


The documentary reminds us that most of Iraq still has electricity and water for only a few hours each day. How are they supposed to live modern lives like that? Naturally, that breeds discontent, though most Iraqis still only want a return to some semblance of normalcy. Without that, all of the “security sweeps” in the world won’t prevent Iraq from becoming a terrorist nursery. The Bush administration—and Americans in general—must remember that truly winning any war requires far more than military action.

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