It’s a done deal

Well, I finally did it, guys. I passed my Amateur Radio General Class Exam last night. In two or three weeks, I’ll appear in the FCC database and officially be what I have always been in personality, a “ham.” As I quipped to Jack, it only took me 50 years to get around to it. Of course, what broke the deadlock was that the FCC finally dropped the CW (what normal people refer to as “Morse code”) requirement. That change made getting my ham “ticket” just too easy to not do.  My grandfather was a ham so this is sort of following a tradition. It’s also been on my to-do list since childhood. Now it’s done.


Naturally, I’m now regretting having sold my Worthmore amplifier,  because I need it back! Grrr! Sigh. It figures that the FCC waited until I’m broke. Anyway, please start looking for a solid-state amp in the 500 watt range, and I’ll see what I can scrape together. I might have to settle for borrowing one.

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