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Donny (do family members still call you that?),

Your email is quite interesting. I forgot that you’re in SA. Yes, it’s great
to know that family members besides my mom are working on this issue. It’s
true that my long-term care insurance expires shortly after the first of the
year so I’ll have to change the game somehow. Managed care is on the table
with everything else. I’m sending a copy of this email to Ron so he will
know I’m interested.

I’ll have to exchange email with Ron so I can assess his IT needs. It’s a
safe bet that I can cover his software requirements, but sometimes that is
the type of work that can be done remotely. The details of the job will
determine how much of that is possible.

I typically don’t qualify for assisted living facilities because I have to
be fed. That one little requirement makes all the difference to those places
because they feel it ties up a caregiver too much. Then again, I’ve found
that hiring my own caregivers, while a huge hassle and insanely expensive,
is really the only way to retain any semblance of personal freedom and
control over my care. In group homes, the turnover among caregivers is
pretty constant, and you’re definitely not their boss.

I currently own my home and van. I’ll have to liquidate those things when/if
I have go into a group home. Many of the caregivers I’ve hired come from
such group-oriented settings, and their consensus has been that my own hunch
is correct, that I wouldn’t receive adequate care. Given that my ability to
earn a living is predicated on having adequate care, you can easily see how
things could spiral downward for me rapidly. Obviously, my home is my last
sizable chunk of capital. Selling it would be necessary to afford group care
even for a short time. As for my van, keeping it would be pointless, because
I wouldn’t have anyone to drive me anywhere.

A group care situation might not be best for me as long as I am to have any
hope of contributing to society. However, employment would be about the best
help possible. I’m very interested in what Ron has to say, and any other
possibilities we might dig up.

By the way, New Orleans has always been in a state of denial. However,
Houston will be here after we are plant food. Americans just like their
fossil fuels too much to not apply technology like The Netherlands has.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find out how much more I owe the IRS
this year.

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I have spoken about you to Ron Jennette, C.M.A./C.A.S.P. He is CEO of
the Air Force Villages (AFV) []. The
AFV is a 1500 bed for profit comprehensive care retirement community
near San Antonio, on US 90 (which goes towards Robin & David Hicks’
ranch in the hill country). I do a lot of research among the AFV
residents, and have a 10yr. relationship with them.

The AFV needs a new IT guy. I think you might be interested in applying
for that position. Because the AFV is a retirement community, they are
used to physical disability, and that wouldn’t really put them off.

More than that, they have a charitable arm that pays for the room and
board of disabled "dependents of retired active and reserve Air Force
Officers." I think Uncle John’s service might qualify you for that.

If you talk to Mr. Jennette, you might be able to get both a job, and
request to be admitted to their assisted living facility. If you don’t
qualify for charitable assistance, then maybe you can work out the
living arrangements from an insurance reimbursement perspective.

If living in San Antonio w/ a bunch of 80 year olds isn’t your cup of
tea, then he might be able to connect you with similar facilities in
Houston or Louisiana (however I wouldn’t recommend either in the setting
of global warming).

Let me know what you decide, and good luck!


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