Web 2.0?

Is Web 2.0 a bust?


Web 2.0, for those who don’t know, is a bunch of web-based
technologies—and websites—meant to make the web surfing public become
more involved in creating the actual content. There are many,  many
popular names such as MySpace, Flickr, Twitr, etc. Yet, according to stats
presented on today’s
Buzz Out Loud
, less than 5% of users post all the content. Of course
you  can listen to the podcast, and get the details for yourself. For me, it
raises an obvious question.


A few people have advocated that I somehow revamp my website
to ride the “Web 2.0” wave. Well, what does that mean? How do I make
what I want on my website interactive? I did consider putting a little interactive
demo of Xpress-It online, but that poses technical and legal issues. I’m
not sure the German company that now owns the intellectual rights for Eloquence
would appreciate it being usable by the entire Web without profit. Speechworks doesn’t
answer my emails so I have no idea what they might accept. What little I do
know is that Speechworks considers Eloquence to strictly be a low-cost lead-in
to their kilo-dollar RealVoice so I have real concerns about the future of


In any case, I really don’t see how to make my site
more in line with the nebulous Web 2.0. I wouldn’t mind making my site
more visually similar to my blog pages,  but there are issues even there. Web
2.0, in a nutshell, depends on the ability to pull data from a variety of
sources and construct a webpage just before sending it to a user. That requires
something like support for Active Server Pages, a feature Microsoft has
advocated for a decade but the rest of the Net poo-poo’d until Web 2.0
became the rage.


Although I feel Microsoft is entitled to a gigantic “told
ya so,” the most common web server software, Apache, doesn’t natively
support ASP.  Yep, you guessed it, I’m running Apache. No doubt
there is a plug-in around to add ASP support, but I have to wonder how much
more my  little server machine can put up with. It already is pretty heavily
loaded. I still have the option of moving my site back to Network Solutions, but
I don’t have enough traffic to really warrant it. What do you think about
the future of my website?

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