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Astute readers will quickly note that my blog has returned
to Microsoft’s Spaces hardly has the best blogging setup. The
hosted version of my website,, came with free access to WordPress
software running on one of the host’s machines. Therein lies the rub
though. Yes, WordPress is nice from the authoring standpoint, but a blog
falling in the forest is silent if no one hears—or reads—it. J That’s to say, it’s fine to make
your blog part and parcel to an existing website if said website has
lots of traffic already. Otherwise, you’re a fortress of solitude!


For all of its lukewarm blogging interface, Spaces has
something critical to blogging, a community. In fact, it’s a community
the size that makes Myspace and Facebook whimper. Never mind any perceptions of
what’s “kewl,” the point of blogging is to share your
thoughts with other people. Mine is absolutely not the most popular blog on
Spaces, but what  counts is that people are reading it


Can’t complain about that.

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