Laptop FUD

Richard, you’re more like me than you know! I use a
different program, I8KFanUI, by another German, Christian Diefer. There’s
nothing wrong with NHC, it just didn’t go far enough for my needs back when
my Gen2 developed its mysterious inability to keep its cool. As the name
implies, I8KFanUI started in the days of the Inspiron 8000, and is Dell-specific.
Right now, I just have it monitoring, and I can rattle off temps and loads for
all subsystems in this M1710.
J NHC is nice, but its functionality
is  now available in  Vista. Using Vista Power Plans, you can have a
laptop time out, turn off peripherals, and slow the CPU to a duck’s waddle.
Still, as Paul Thurrott recently lamented in his Windows Weekly podcast, there
is still no way to automatically switch power plans based on an ACPI event such
as closing the bloody lid! If I don’t write said ditty, someone will. That’s
why I added George to our conversation. He may know of source code that would
give me a good start.


Mr. Neville was off on a few things. My M1710 is last year’s
version with a 7900GS. It definitely demands 130 watts, and gets very crabby
without it. Like you, I have real trouble imagining what a 13” laptop would
do with 150! That would be a huge amount of heat in a 13” form-factor. Maybe
Dell really did send Lind bum info. If yours is good, 90w makes much more
sense, and would put the M1330 back in a dead-heat with the 1420 if we
can figure out that damn power plug!


From: []
Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2007 12:43 PM


Mr. Scott,


Let me first respond about the 150W power supply. There is no
150W power supply for the M1330; it uses a 65W or 90W power adapter. Make
reference to the online order options for verification,
Also, I have checked all of our internal documentation which verifies this.


I am unsure as to where Mr. Neville obtained information stating
that the M1330 uses 150W power supply. However, if it was true, where is all
the power going? If the M1710 has a bigger LCD (power hog), more powerful
graphics card (power hog), then how is that it only needs 120W power supply?
Anyway, maybe our engineer sent the incorrect tech sheet to Lind.


There is one more thing I wanted to share with you. What I am
going to tell you is not supported by Dell, nor promote by Dell. However, I
just want to make you aware of a third-party software you may like. It is
called Notebook Hardware Control and I use it on my Dell D620. I also know
someone that uses it on a Dell 1705E. Basically it allows you to customize the
power settings. I use it to prolog battery life and to make the system run
cooler. I have not had any issue with it, but as a Dell representative I have
to say “Use at you own risk!” Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,

Richard Bernier
Community Outreach Liaison


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