RE: 80/75 mtr contact

Well, someone heard me. J


I’m only technically a new ham. I’ve been a SWL for 40
years so I know most of the guys maybe better than they know each other! I’m
going to take some getting used to, and I suspect that some hams, like Chad and
Sammy, may resist talking to me. I wouldn’t blame them in one sense, because
talking to me does require keeping your brain running. You can’t turn
your brain off and let your mouth run on auto-pilot as those guys sometimes
like to.
J Talking
to me on-air will probably be very much like in person. You’ll need to
remember what has been said for a minute or two because my response might take
that long. Usually not, but it’s possible. The guys on 3870, 3922, and 3930
all operate in an informal rag-chew mode so the conversation should continue as
I type. I’ll pipe up like everyone else when I have something to say. Hopefully,
my comment will have enough context to it for people to relate it to what was
said. I left home long before technology enabled me to talk so even my
70-year-old mother has had to learn to remember the conversation for a minute
or two. If my bosses at Shell could adapt to that, I think even the boys on 3870


Of course, things will get much easier when I have a decent
signal. I know, I know. Murray and a few others are working on that. Once I  do,
the next trick is to get with KK5DR, Matt, or someone else with a digital
recorder in their radio so I can actually hear what I sound like. This part gets
a bit complex, but I do have a certain degree of adjustability in Xpress-it.
However, the 706 has no monitor so I have no clue what I sound like.


I’m 51, and am in west Houston, near Highway 6—if you
know where that is.


Feel free to forward this email to whoever, especially the 3870


From: Kevin Crauswell
Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2007 9:15 PM
Subject: 80/75 mtr contact


Nice to meet you Scott.

 As you can tell from my call I am a Alaskan

transplant to Texas.

Been a HAM since 1982, when I first got my ticket

living in Anchorage. Had a great Elmer who taught me well.

 I still go by the  "ol book or should say by
the old rules and

conduct myself in proper fashion when operating on the


I have a back yard full of antennas, most of which are

 You can get the info from my call in QRZ log on.


I don’t know if you have been listening for awhile to us on

 There are a lot of gents who know and have talked to
each other for some

time on that freq. I’m rather knew there myself and I’m just
getting to know

 each call sign. I try and get on 3.870 each night but
I have a local

noise that creeps up on me that ranges around 20+ db and I

just can’t hear a thing.   Tonight was fun for me

 because the noise was down for a while and I got to
talk a bit.


Anyway, I wanted to say hello and welcome you to the group.

 I do hope we hear you again. Hopefully the conditions
will improve.

If you can let me know on the proper procedure for

 the delay in transmit so we can communicate better
next time.

 73 for
now           cw rules
Kevin C.


P.S. Age here is 52


who are looking for what you sell.

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