Social Networking? Yeah, right!


I have been paying for a vBulletin license for five years. That’s a web forum scripting package that you pay real money for annually. A “forum” is just Internet-speak for what used to be called a bulletin board system. Even some people who don’t deal with technology much recognize the term, “BBS.” The whole idea was to let people publicly discuss things in messages. This was social networking long before Web 2.0 became the buzzword de jour. The problem with forums has been that they are only as good as the people who inhabit them. This means that, if no one uses your forum, it basically doesn’t exist. Mine certainly doesn’t, even after five years. What am I doing?


On the other hand, the Amateur Radio community has started to show interest in Xpress-It. Actually, they have been mostly interested in how I am transmitting so far. Ha! That’s the easy part. Most modern radios (and some “boat-anchors") come equipped for voice-operated keying, VOX. I just hang my hand mike in front of the speakers on my wheelchair and let Xpress-It do its thing. By happy coincidence, my radio, an Icom 706 Mk IIG, seems really fond of the audio properties of my Xpress-It voice, and that definitely helps. Yes, it has occurred to me that Amateur Radio is an aging population, and Xpress-It could help a lot of disabled hams. J


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