Creative Labs Sucks

Creative Labs has been making sound adapters almost as long
as there have been PCs. Their product quality used to be sterling.


Yeah, used to be.


Within the last two years, I’ve had three Creative
Labs USB audio adapters die on me for no good reason. Hell, they live in the
most protected area on this chair, and have their own cooling. There is no
excuse as far as I am concerned. Of course the adapters die after their
warranties run out. I was listening to music this evening and my
SoundBlaster  Live! External gave lie to its name and died. I’m
really not amused.


The process required for me to speak in volumes
approximating an average human is rather complicated, involving a train of four
devices.  Actually, it’s not nearly as messy as all that. Most of
the stuff fits in one hand, and USB audio adapters have certainly shrunk.
Still, Creative seems to have really lost their edge. They have also lost a long-time


I immediately went over to the website of Turtle Beach, one
of Creative Labs’ oldest competitors, and found an adapter that seems to
do everything I need. The SRM, as it’s called, even isolates the audio circuitry
from the power circuitry. That’s really good news in my world where the
computer likes to pipe interference through the line-in jack on the USB
adapter. In other words, someone seems to actually “get it.” I’m
not happy at having to pay an extra $40  to have the SRM shipped overnight,
but the truth is that I really needed an USB adapter and you can’t get them
at your favorite big-box store. The SRM should be here tomorrow. That’s good,
since the M1710—as good as it is—can only muster enough audio to
converse in a quiet room. Phone calls and getting on the radio are out until I again
complete the link to my audio amps. L


Creative, kiss mine.

No virus found in this outgoing message.
Checked by AVG Free Edition.
Version: 7.5.488 / Virus Database: 269.13.30/1030 – Release Date: 9/25/2007 8:02 AM


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