FW: T’giving and the Van

FW: T’giving and the Van

Hello gentlemen,

I know, getting an email that a guy  originally  sent to his mother is unusual, but read on and youll understand. To add a little info, I’m disabled, and the 1994 Ram 250 in question is my sole transportation. (Metro-lift is useless to anyone with real-life nuisances like schedules.)

Archer  really shot their own foot off because they didn’t look at the long-term picture. Sooner or later, I will figure out a way to buy a new van, and it is likely to be a Dodge. The dealer who helps keep this current van going will probably be the one to make that sale. Plus, I blog about my experiences.

Heres the deal:  I’m going to visit the one of you who gives me the best response. The visit  is to establish a working relationship  and get a realistic diagnosis of the current problem. Then, well make arrangements to get the van back to you for the actual work. Fair enough.

Oh, and if youre wondering, John Newman was the Service Manager for Crown Dodge until they closed. Unfortunately, he now only works on diesels.


From: Scott Royall [mailto:royall@conchbbs.com]
Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2007 3:49 PM
To: ‘Lourez Bullock’
Subject: T’giving and the Van


Do we have plans for Thanksgiving? If not, Robyn has invited me to dinner at her house.

Also, the inspection sticker on my van expires this month, and we already know it won’t pass the emissions test without some work. When you took it to Auto Care Unlimited, you said they told you the check engine light was related to “low voltage at the injectors.” Well, if that’s what they said, there’s a little problem with that diagnosis. What injectors? My van is   not fuel injected. In fact, I don’t think EFI was an option in ’94 Dodge vans. What I strongly suspect actually happened was that some numb-nut tech plugged my van computer into a modern diagnostic computer, and just used the present-day error descriptions. It probably never crossed his small mind that those error numbers could’ve had completely different meanings in 1994.

When we had John Newman over to diagnose the van, we looked up the codes in my 1994 Dodge tech reference and were basically told that an exhaust or O2 sensor had failed. He said there were four possible suspects, and the way to narrow that down is for a dealer to reset the computer and then make note of the first error code that comes up when the van is restarted.

Archer Dodge clearly does not want to help. Their claim that I need yet another computer is highly dubious since they acknowledged never actually looking at the van. Most dealers will reluctantly admit that their service departments are essentially loss-leaders meant to guide people into new vehicles and deeper debt. Finding a reputable Dodge dealership might be difficult, but that seems to be what I have to do. If I show this email to a service manager, at least he’ll know the story and realize he’s not dealing with the typical dumb-ass customer. Of course it’s hard for me to conduct my own business of this type, because I can’t exactly catch a ride home while my van is worked on. Yet, even people who don’t like Dodge admit that mine should have at least another 80,000 good miles if treated well. So I guess I have to take charge.


No virus found in this outgoing message.
Checked by AVG Free Edition.
Version: 7.5.503 / Virus Database: 269.15.28/1123 – Release Date: 11/10/2007 3:47 PM

No virus found in this outgoing message.
Checked by AVG Free Edition.
Version: 7.5.503 / Virus Database: 269.15.28/1123 – Release Date: 11/10/2007 3:47 PM


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