Electronic fuel Injetion Worthy of Nobel Consideration?

From the Things-that-make-you-go-hmm department:.


It remains to be seen if my 1994 Dodge Ram 250 van is fuel injected
or not. Tim McLean, Service Manager for Helfman Dodge here in Houston swears it
is, and Chrysler’s build record (sort of the van’s birth certificate)
bears him out. On the other hand, the Crown Dodge salesman said nothing about fuel
injection when I bought the van new. Electronic Fuel Injection is something automotive
manufacturers like to crow loudly over, because it does improve engine performance.
Virtually every vehicle with EFI has at least one placard proclaiming its presence,
sometimes obnoxiously. Not mine. Not even a “Magnum” placard, as
the build record indicates the van to be. Computers weren’t controlling the
engine builds in 1994 so something could’ve been switched in the paperwork.


At least that is my theory, and I’m betting Tim lunch
over it. The only way to determine if EFI is there is through skilunking into
the innards of the engine compartment for a couple of hours. So the van goes
back to Helfman tomorrow for the day. The good news is that Helfman narrowed the
problem down to cylinders 7 or 8. If EFI is present, it’s one or two
malfunctioning injectors. Expensive, but not like a computer!


The thing I find amazing is that, if my van has EFI, whoever
designed those injectors is long overdue for a Nobel Prize, because even Mercedes

EFI needs regular maintenance. Injectors are really just electrically-fired
atomizers, and they are prone to clog. If I have injectors still purring after 120,000
miles and 14 years of neglect, that designer is a god! J


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