It’s Time


Yeah, my “travel season” finally ended yesterday
so it’s time to take my M1710 off the frontline. That means selecting a
replacement workhorse. As you know, the leaders in that race has been the 1410
and M1330, with Dell further muddying the waters with the new 1520. Boy, Dell
delights in keeping the waters of decision turbid!


Ok, let’s generate some questions for you to work on. I
will give you a set of core requirements and high-priority recommended extras. But,
I should first pose a “meta” question that has always bugged me. Can
you delineate the difference between Dell’s various laptop product lines?
Yes, I know, it used to be that the Latitude was for business, and the Inspiron
was for consumers. Yet, I could easily configure either to do anything I wanted
for about the same price point. Now we have also Precision, and XPS. XPS is
supposedly the big gun, but once again, the Inspiron 1420 can be set up to
breathe just as much fire. So what’s what?


On to the requirements:


Four-year on-site support

200 MB HD


Discrete graphics




Same keyboard layout as M1710

Compatible with Dell’s Type D power supplies

Minimal size required to meet my needs

nVidia high-end graphics

More than two USB2 ports


Of course the M1330 fails the USB criteria but blows the
others away in the size category so the race is still neck-and-neck.


Oh, this post is being blogged so don’t put your phone
number in your reply unless you want the world calling you.



















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