A change?



Either I am imagining things, or Lind has made a significant
design or firmware change in the DE2060-1429. The new one arrive yesterday morning,
and I soon noticed a difference. As the battery in my M1710 charged to 70%, the
adapter began to toggle power off and on about every 15 seconds. Strange, and
it certainly had Windows Vista baffled. However, this behavior had a beneficial
effect on the power source—which, as you know, is a power chair in my case.
The last 30% would put the old adapter into a mode that was especially hard on
the chair systems, but the new one finished literally without a ripple.


More intriguing, my caregiver forgot to recharge my chair
last night. That’s usually a real problem that should’ve left me immobile
today, but it didn’t. The laptop was still fully-charged, and the chair had
most of its. True, I still have the laptop set to sleep when closed, but that’s
never helped this much in the past. That’s a neat little trick that makes
these 17” power hogs much gentler on the mothership.



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