RE: Tekzilla Daily


Thanks very much for the personal reply. It’s a rarity these days. While I do
have a Revision3 account, I find life too short to hang out much in forums. I
will try to make it a point to check out Jim’s response, and chime in if I
have something useful to add.

The issue regarding the TZ feed on iTunes is truly an iTunes problem. Apple
needs to at least join the 20th century and add the ability to set auto
deletion policies per feed instead of only globally (a la Juice). Of course we
all know Apple to be the 12-ton gorilla in the podcasting booth. It’s unlikely
to do anything that might slow demand for devices with more and more storage.

The whole question of video on the web is still undecided in my opinion for
the multitasking reason I mentioned. I certainly wish you, Jim, and Revision3
the best because I do enjoy a lot of the content. Still, most people aren’t
going to shift videos to a second screen for several reasons. That means
fitting it somewhere on their primary screen, and that’s not easy to do even
on a 17" laptop. đŸ™‚


> —–Original Message—–
> From: Patrick Norton []
> Sent: Monday, December 10, 2007 2:18 PM
> To: Scott Royall
> Cc: Jim Louderback
> Subject: Re: Tekzilla Daily
> Howdy Scott,
> Don’t know if you caught Jim’s response in the forum, but we’re changing the
> order of the
> RSS feed for the TZ show… should stop this. There’s also a checkbox in
> iTunes that’ll keep
> it from overwriting content, but I understand if that’s not how you want to
> set it up.
> Finally, in about a month, we’ll be changing around the RSS feed to make it
> more
> customizable so you can chose between (or both) the big show and the daily
> shows.
> Thanks for writing in!
> P
> —– Original Message —–
> From: "Scott Royall" <>
> To:
> Sent: Sunday, December 9, 2007 4:03:11 PM (GMT-0800) America/Los_Angeles
> Subject: Tekzilla Daily
> In a word, don’t. Please.
> Tekzilla itself is a rather odd beast to me. Yes, it is very derivative of
> TSS, and that’s
> good. Yet, the support cast has not proven itself knowledgeable and
> trustworthy. More to
> the immediate point, you have to remember that video, the touchstone of
> Revision3, cannot
> be multitasked. If it is of any real interested, you must stop and view it.
> Short subjects are
> a limited answer by their nature, because their information content is
> normally low. If I’m
> going to stop and watch a video, the reward really needs to be there.
> However, Tekzilla Daily creates a bigger issue because of Apple’s stupidity.
> Like Patrick, I
> m forced to use iTunes because it’s the only one-stop podcast catcher left.
> I hate it also.
> iTunes delights in taking over your computer if you allow it to. One way I
> fight that war is
> by only allowing iTunes to keep the last podcast downloaded. Ah, there’s the
> rub! By
> putting the little daily ditty in the regular feed, you effectively remove
> your main show
> before I have time to view it! Yes, I know it goes into the Recycle Bin, but
> let’s not
> quibble over details. The point is, I won’t see the full show.
> I’m waving to Jessica, who I met backstage at Tech-TV on 3/4/04 . I was the
> guy in the
> wheelchair with the talking software and the large black teddy bear of a
> dog. No doubt
> Jessica has no memory of me. Sarah and Patrick saw me later that day in the
> little TSS
> audience, but my laptop was having performance problems by then so I didn’t
> get to
> introduce myself.
> Scott Royall
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