Licensing Fees



This isn’t an easy email for me to write as it flies against
my pride.  I’ve spent my life beating the odds and exceeding
everyone’s expectations despite being what’s usually labeled as “severely
disabled. “ I have a Computer Science degree, and worked for Shell Oil for
many years as an application developer.  In fact, my job required that I develop
my own AAC software after none of the commercially-available products proved up
to the challenge of a real-world corporate environment.  However, none of
my achievements seemed to matter at all when lay-offs came around, because I’m
now trying to get along on Social Security Disability. 

I’m also finding myself spending greater and greater amounts of time writing
text so generalized word prediction finally becomes worthwhile to me.  My own
software, Xpress-It, does word prediction, but within the context of speaking. 
That’s one reason why it works so well.  Generalized word prediction
is quite a different specialty, and I see no point in re-inventing that particular
wheel.  Although your software isn’t perfect, it does address most
of the issues.  Gus! Word Prediction is a little closer to what appeals to
me as a developer and writer, but that company has a bad reputation with me. 
What little money I have will not go to them. 


We are competitors in a sense, but I have to give you credit
for the little statement on your price page encouraging people to contact you
if their means don’t match with your licensing prices.  At least that
shows you’re not oblivious to the stark realities many of your potential
customers face.   Aurora is an example of what I refer to in my blog
as the “Swiss Army knife “ approach to AAC, and I am quite familiar
with the pressures a developer faces to go down that path.   But, I’m
solely interested in good word prediction so 80% of Aurora is irrelevant
to me.  Besides, I honestly don’t have enough money for even your “value”
version.  At least not all at once.  What I can offer is $70-80 now,
maybe more in installments, and some tips from someone who is an experienced
AAC user and Windows developer.  Both of my current laptops are
Dell frontline systems with Vista Ultimate (I do still have a few non-monetary
resources left). 


Scott Royall




As you can see from my vocabulary, your Value version would
be useless.  Even the Standard version is having fits with the large number
of vocabulary additions. 

No virus found in this outgoing message.
Checked by AVG Free Edition.
Version: 7.5.503 / Virus Database: 269.17.4/1188 – Release Date: 12/17/2007 2:13 PM


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