FW: ADT Security Services 14536868

For the few wondering, the following letter was retransmitted to ADT a few
minutes ago as a fax. I had to wait on faxing it because this laptop had the
only copy. ADT apparently feels no compunction to answer email, but a fax is
a tad harder to ignore since the sender gets a receipt. ADT takes some pains
to not publish their fax number, but ripoff.com reveals it to be
877-238-3307. Indeed, ADT is none-too-popular at ripoff.com. Love it. 🙂

> —–Original Message—–
> From: Scott Royall [mailto:royall@conchbbs.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 9:24 PM
> To: ‘prduser@adt.com’
> Subject: RE: ADT Security Services 14536868
> Sensitivity: Confidential
> Gentlemen,
> You clearly did not read my request. For I quite explicitly asked that you
contact me only
> via email due to my disability!
> I have a GE Simon Three sold and installed by an ADT dealer in 2004. My
ADT account
> was active until 11/16/07. In late October, I contacted ADT because the
batteries in some
> of my sensors were failing. I was told that I would be charged over $100
for someone to
> come change the batteries. I responded that, under those terms, my only
option would be to
> close the account. When I contacted ADT again the next day, a different
person said the
> information I was previously given was plain wrong, that battery
replacement was free,
> and that I needn’t close the account. Why was it mysteriously closed for
> I recently received a refund check for $116 from ADT, along with a letter
stating that my
> account had been closed. I had a caregiver call ADT, and a salesman was
dispatched the
> next day. Unfortunately, the meeting was a waste of time. The salesman
took great pains to
> tell me ADT could not "take over" my Simon 3, essentially because it
wasn’t on his chart.
> He tried to tell me ADT couldn’t program my system or provide parts. This
salesman could
> not grasp that I needed neither, and I think he was intent on selling me a
less capable
> system for over $500. As it was, he made several inaccurate statements
about my system,
> such as claiming it lacks backup power. It doesn’t.
> The truth is that my environment renders moot most of the functionally of
an alarm
> system. Caregivers come and go, remotes get lost or broken, and you
certainly don’t want
> to give caregivers actual access codes. No, about the only alarm function
of any use to me
> is the automatic smoke detector. I have two dogs, one being a service dog.
That means that
> her monetary value is on the order of one of your vans fully stocked.
Consider that well.
> Yet, I am now on a small fixed income, and $45/month for just monitoring
the smoke
> detector for the safety of my dogs is quite pricey. If you really expect
your customers to do
> that, your service needs to be as trouble-free and helpful as possible.
> You need to know that a copy of this email is appearing on my blog. That
says that your
> mishandling of my account is on the Internet for all to see. ADT is
effectively walking
> around in public with its pants down to its ankles, you might want to pull
them up by
> actually working with me to meet my monitoring needs. I’ll provide you
with my account
> number privately at the appropriate time. What I request of you is that my
account be re-
> activated ASAP, and that someone come put fresh batteries in my Simon 3
smoke detector.
> I really don’t care if he removes the batteries from the other sensors.
> Scott Royall
> > —–Original Message—–
> > From: prduser@adt.com [mailto:prduser@adt.com]
> > Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 7:01 AM
> > To: royall@conchbbs.com
> > Subject: ADT Security Services 14536868
> >
> >
> > Thank you again for your interest in ADT Security Services. Per your
request, we have
> > been trying to reach you. Please call us at your earliest convenience at


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