RE: Dell: Online Community Outreach

Dell: Online Community Outreach


Heh. Reread
what you typed.


Anyway, both
laptops are doing well hardware-wise.


I am curious.
Who is paying whom to get Dells to the Pegasus galaxy? I refer, of course, to
the long relationship between Dell and MGM’s Stargate/Stargate Atlantis
franchise. It amuses me to see Dell laptops populating the sets like rabbits,
but why are Carter and McKay still using Gen2s? Marketing should send a M1730
to Vancouver. Actually, I think Samantha should be using a “Roddy”
Mk II.
J True, Dells aren’t MILSPEC rated,
but those tinsel-heads don’t bother with pesky things like reality. After
all, look at the gun they run around with, the P-90. Cute but ineffectual. Product
placement is everything, right?


just pulled a new stunt and totally “lost” her hard-drive. I had to
cycle power to get it back. Not good.


From: []
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2008 12:23 PM
Subject: Dell: Online Community Outreach


Mr. Royall,

I am writing
to ask
your computers are doing.  Please let me know
if there is anything
else I may with.


Richard Bernier
Community Outreach Liaison

Dell Inc.
Doing good or needing improvement, either way you can contact my


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