RE: Texas AT Regional Conference- Handout Reminder

Dear Jeanne Schorsch,

I appreciate
the timely reminder. Regretfully, it looks very unlikely that I will be
attending TATN ’08 in any capacity. The chief reason is frankly a lack of
caregiver talent capable of supporting me through a multi-day event. Even my own
mother wouldn’t credit all the minutiae involved in creating a creditable
presence. Showing up doesn’t really count as a start. The image you project
must both set you apart and render you eminently believable. Let’s face reality,
yours is a especially tough crowd because educational resources are notoriously
overstressed and overwhelmed. Following the path of least resistance is apparently
irresistible until it is no longer viable. Challenging that thinking is tough enough
without also worrying whether or not my caregivers are being helpful.


There is a
second reason. IronKey still hasn’t delivered any samples of their product
yet. As you may recall, IronKey is potentially the system I’ll use to deliver
and secure Xpress-It. However, if keys arrived tomorrow, it is unlikely that I have
time to integrate their offering into Xpress-It, test, and perfect the
presentation too by June 23rd. While there is no law saying the two
are inseparable, it goes to delivery rather than more promises like those made
by other vendors. Credibility seems to really hold sway in the AT field.


starting to wonder if I’m the only one Xpress-It will ever have an
opportunity to help. I know it still has cost/benefit advantages, but that doesn’t
mean much if nobody in a position to cause purchases seriously looks at the program.
The situation is circular. Sales are what create most of the resources necessary
to do further development, which in turn supposedly leads to more sales. There are
a number of recent development in the PC world that could be very helpful to disabled
people, but I don’t know how much longer I can keep Xpress-It relevant
working as an one-man band. If no one notices when someone takes a more strategic
approach to enabling people, I think that says something sad about when the Disabled
can hope to really be welcomed at the table of life. Meanwhile, all I can say
is, “maybe next year.”


From: Angela Standridge
Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 11:45 AM
Subject: Texas AT Regional Conference- Handout Reminder




Dear Scott Royall,


You are scheduled to present Walk the Walk and Talk
the Talk
at the conference.


If your session will have hard copy handouts, please
provide at least 50 copies
.  If additional participants request handouts,
it is left to the discretion of the presenter as to whether or not to provide
additional handouts. 


Electronic handouts can be posted to the conference website
for participants to print out before or after the conference. We will post
PDF only electronic format handouts to the conference website if they are
submitted by May 31, 2008 to

To enable participates to find your electronic handouts, please name your files
using the following protocol: primary presenter’s last
name.title.of.session.pdf, for example standridge.aac.for.all.pdf.


If you cannot convert to PDF, we will accept MS Office
files.  If you have Office ’07, please save to the ’03 format.


If you would like to ship your hard copy handouts,
please send them to my attention at the address in the signature line CLEARLY
with your name and your session title.


If you have already submitted your handouts, Thank You!


The pre-program is up on the website
to preview the other sessions.


See you in June!


Angela Standridge

Region 4 ESC

7145 West Tidwell

TX 77092




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