FW: Windows Weekly 64: Celtics Win

Ok, I admit it.
Podcasts like this renew my hope for humanity. Microsoft could and should take Darth
Jobs to task.


Feed: Windows Weekly
Posted on: Friday, June 20, 2008 2:02 AM
Author: leo@leoville.com (Leo Laporte)
Subject: Windows Weekly 64: Celtics Win


Hosts: Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte

Firefox 3, Microsoft
advertising, MSN Music, Lotus Symphony, your taskbar, and more.


  • Paul
    attends Celtics finals victory in Game 6

  • Firefox
    3 download day: 8.3 million downloads for the record

  • New
    features: new UI, extensibility, awesomebar, library, malware protection
    and more.

  • Microsoft
    hires new advertising firm

  • Paul
    bought a new MacBook … to run Windows Vista

  • MSN

News quickie: Lotus
Symphony 1.0 released

Vista tip of the week:
Master the taskbar (includes start menu and tray)

Software of the week: Twhirl

Also: Google Talk Labs Edition

Audible.com pick of
the week
: The
Spies of Warsaw (Unabridged) by Alan Furst

Check out Paul’s blog at http://www.internet-nexus.com and
the SuperSite for Windows http://winsupersite.com
for more information.

Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show. The
Windows Weekly theme music is courtesy of Derek
K. Miller

Running time: 1:11:19



WW-064.mp3 (33 MB)



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