Paul Thurrott isn’t alone

No doubt that Paul Thurrott, webmaster of the Windows Supersite, is livid about the newest Apple Switcher ads, and he’s not alone! To me, this series is just short of criminal. It is very much like GM sniping at Ford for the engine fire in SUVs. The biggest difference is that Apple is claiming Vista has problems when it doesn’t. This is worse to me, because it’s a flat-out lie. I’d frankly love to see Steve Jobs in chains! Won’t happen, of course.

I have two laptops running Vista. One was a late model XP machine, and it upgraded to Vista flawlessly. Flawlessly. In fact, neither of the machines has had any problem with Vista at all. Now, you may not like Vista, and that’s fine. I don’t like UAC, and have long ago neutered it. However, I’m a big boy and take responsibility for my farts. The features in Vista that Apple rails against, like UAC, have close clones in Apple’s OSX! Jeez, such dishonesty.


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