A Surprise Bummer

I took Lilly
to her orthopedist today to let him check out her hind parts, not expecting him
to really find anything specific. Think again, Scott. He detected a minor meniscus
tear in her right knee. (Yes, the troublesome one.) Yes Marsha, this explains
the swelling you palpated last year. Lilly’s chronic Rimadyl prescription
probably explains how she was able to tolerate the tear this long.


we decided that the thing to do was orthoscopically clip the tear so it doesn’t
get worse or cause more Arthritis. While he’s there, the doc’s
going to slide out the right TPLO plate just in case. Occasionally, there are
cases where a plate will attract an infection.


Lilly has
the procedure in the morning, and I’ll pick her up tomorrow evening. This
is day surgery, and recovery is expected to be relatively brief.


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