Windows Weekly #92

In some sense, I think it very appropriate that Paul keeps referencing "The Cloud," because he and Leo seem to spend a good deal of their time there mentally. Don’t get me wrong, I know they mean well, but they do live much better than most Americans. So how can they relate? Paul’s belief that everything will be available "in the cloud" is rather emblematic of that skewed perspective.

I am disabled, and I live on under 20k annually. I get that much only because I bucked prejudice for 14 years and was a programmer for a major oil company. That means I’m also somewhat fortunate, and I know it. I have four computers of varying ages, including two laptops. I have both Comcast Internet and EVDO so I’m about as connected as a Houstonian can be. Yet, for the life of me, I can see no possibility of implementing Paul’s life in the cloud. Even if I could use an iPhone (I can’t; the screen doesn’t sense my hand), the critical bottleneck is bandwidth. It doesn’t matter how many terabytes Google, et al, let you store on their servers if you can’t get to it when needed due to bandwidth limits or caps. Maybe Paul and Leo can, but us lowly mortals can’t live on that assumption.

The Cloud is just one of Paul’s pet themes that has started to really tick me off. (Yes, "cloud computing" will become important–when we get ubiquitous bandwidth.) I listen to WW for practical Microsoft news, but I feel like Paul is straying more and more afield. If he is serious about simplifying life, maybe he should consider my comments.


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