FW: Checks



From: Scott Royall
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 15:50
To: Diana S Andrusyshyn
Cc: ‘ccarswell@metlife.com’; ‘rgrosner@metlife.com’
Subject: Checks




Why was
last week’s reimbursement payment “not authorized?” I know you were doing my
annual review last week, and I’m familiar enough with MetLife LTC procedures to
guess what happened. You temporarily suspended my account while waiting for my
response, but then failed to release it when I replied a few hours later. Am I
correct, or very close to it? I truly wish you knew the damage you have done.


has had it drilled into her that these checks are a matter of survival for me.
They are reimbursements for caregiver costs I already incurred, and I don’t
have a lot of money to “front” for MetLife. I was supposed to leave tomorrow on
an overnight trip planned for 18 months, but I had to cancel because you
withheld payment. To say that I am disappointed and angry is putting things


I want
you off my account ASAP. Let’s be very clear about that. You have caused me
unforgivable harm. However, I am quite aware that a replacement will need time
to come online, and I expect you to work with me honorably in the interim. What
is the active status of my account (though, this being an insurance company,
I’m sure you call them policies, but WHATEVER)? If you still need additional
information from me, it is incumbent upon you to request it. I have responded
to your inquiries within hours.


Oh, and
yes, I do expect payments held to be released forthwith.



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