I did a
quick search for complaints about Northstar and got numerous hits. However, I
then did the same thing for the two major companies, ADT and Brinks, and guess
what. Yep, same deal. Over 100 hits on each of them just on,
which tries to be reputable. The last link in the list below is probably the
most telling, because it reveals that home security companies all use the same
tactics. As the man says, the home security business is really based on fear.

The complaints about Northstar are also interesting. Once you factor out the
sales-roach tactics that they share with ADT and Brinks, the complaints come
down to people not taking the friggin’ contract seriously. At least Northstar
was offering $45 a month for the length of the contract. I wish we had gotten
that in writing, because it’s a commitment the others don’t make.


By the
way, the current system the ADT offered me was so cumbersome that the guy wanted
to install it in a closet with an enormous battery. Uh, no thanks. This is a
house, not Fort Knox.!&q5=ADT+Security+



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